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Hacker gains control Virginia’s medical data

The Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program website was breached in late April by a hacker demanding $10 million in return for the confidential medical information of 8.3 million patients.

The hacker posted on the site’s homepage an expletive filled rant claiming that he was in possession of very confidential data. He continued by writing that if Virginia didn’t follow his ransom demands, he would sell all the information to the highest bidder.

Virginia didn’t succumb to the hacker’s demands; however, their website was not functional for a period of time.

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How Secure are EHR’s?

This alleged breach calls into question the effectiveness and security of EHRs (Electronic Health Records). While EHRs will save an estimated $11 billion annually, skeptics say that patient information will be more vulnerable than ever.

Medical Business Associates, Inc. can consult companies and hospitals on the right way to secure online medical records. Our experts are trained to find holes and teach you the proper way to fill them. Our pre and post EHR implementation audits have saved many organizations from experiencing the headaches associated with EHR implementation.

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