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Maryland hospital fined for not reporting serious medical errors

Doctors Community Hospital was fined $30,000 for violating a law that says all Maryland hospitals must report serious medical errors. The penalty was set at $95,000, but Doctors Community Hospital promised to set aside $65,000 to develop a safety program for patients.

Some of the unreported errors include: A patient being attacked by another patient’s visitor, an 8-day delay on IV medication for a man known to have heart failure, and a case where an antibiotic was mistakenly given to a patient after a technician thought it was plain IV fluid.

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This should be a warning to patients and healthcare providers. Reporting medical errors should be required because patients have the right to know what sort of medical care they will receive at any given hospital. Medical Business Associates, Inc. recommends that patients take charge of their own healthcare and well being by developing and maintaining a Personal Healthcare Portfolio.

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