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Medical Business Associates, Inc. provides a much-needed voice for those that find themselves “stuck in,” “lost in” and “hurt by” our healthcare system. In 1991, President & CEO Rebecca Busch formed Medical Business Associates, Inc. with the vision of delivering data-driven audits for patients, employers, healthcare providers, payers and government agencies. Rebecca is a nurse, patient advocate and health care consultant. She is also a patient, mother of three and informed health care consumer. Her work has provided her with a deep and unique understanding of our medical system. It has also provided her exceptional insight into the problems that patients can encounter.

Rebecca and her team take their role as Patient Advocates very seriously. They empower patients to feel more “in control” of their healthcare experience, to feel hopeful about their health and ultimately become conscientious consumers of healthcare. Rebecca and her team help patients manage, control and reduce their healthcare costs, make informed decisions about their healthcare, guard protected health information, control their healthcare information and prevent clinically adverse outcomes. For those patients that do not have the resources to have a Patient Advocate, they can qualify for help via the not-for-profit organization American Health Care Advocacy of which Rebecca is a Director.

Several years ago, Rebecca had the privilege of helping Janet (pseudonym) – a woman who wanted to take charge of her healthcare experience. Janet came to Rebecca because she was worried about the care that she was receiving. When Janet underwent a common surgical procedure, she experienced intra operative awakening, a rare and horrifying condition in which a person under anesthesia can feel, hear and experience a surgery as it is taking place but is unable communicate with the surgeon in anyway. When Janet came to Rebecca to tell her that the surgeon told her that she “must have been dreaming,” Rebecca began to ask questions to find out how and why this could have happened to Janet and whether this supposed dream was in fact a reality. Janet explained to Rebecca that her mother had a similar experience during open-heart bypass surgery and that her daughter recently did not respond to anesthetics at a dentist visit. Rebecca wrote a supplemental report to put into Janet’s medical record and personal health record detailing what she had experienced. Rebecca told Janet to never let any anesthesiologist “touch” her without reading the anesthesia records from this surgery. Several months later, Janet needed surgery again. She gave Rebecca’s report to the anesthesiologist, who was very appreciative for having this information before the surgery. Janet never experienced intra operative awakening again. This is just one of the many people that Rebecca has helped navigate through our complex healthcare system.

Medical Business Associates, Inc. also fights against healthcare fraud, medical identity theft and the “ethically challenged” that steal from our healthcare system everyday. Rebecca and her team have uncovered healthcare schemes that have saved people millions of dollars.

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