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Crackdown on counterfeit drugs

A global crackdown on counterfeit drugs has uncovered more than 700 alleged packages of fake or suspicious prescription drugs including Claritin, Viagra and Vicodin. Some of the drugs might have had 3 times the active agreement than normally prescribed, others were placebos and some drugs contained materials typically not found in medications including drywall material, antifreeze and yellow highway paint.

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With the increasingly high costs of prescription medications, many people are turning to the Internet to fill their prescriptions. Internet pharmacies are a hot bed for counterfeit drugs. However, don’t assume you’re safe if you purchase from a brick and mortar pharmacy – counterfeit drugs can make their way into the supply chain anywhere.

Tips to Avoid Counterfeit Medicines

Counterfeit drugs are currently a $28 million industry. Don’t let yourself be a victim. Below are some tips that will help.

1. If you take a medication for a chronic condition – save the packaging from the month before and compare the bottle, packaging or the pill itself.

2. If you only receive the pill in a generic bottle compare a picture of the tablet at by simply searching for the medication.

3. If you are taking a medication and it just doesn’t feel the same or is not working like it normally does, see your doctor and show the medication to your pharmacist.

4. If the medication is deemed counterfeit, save a sample until you see your doctor to make sure there will be no long term complications or side effects.

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