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Doctors try to have non-pregnant woman give birth

Two North Carolina doctors are in hot water after inducing labor and performing a C-section on a woman who wasn’t pregnant.

The doctors and several other interns tried to induce labor because the woman described only as “Patient A” came to the hospital claiming to be pregnant. Only after performing a Cesarean section did the doctors realize that the uterus was empty and the woman was in fact not pregnant.

The doctors later determined that the woman was suffering from pseudocyesis – also known as false pregnancy.

The two doctors in question were issued letters of concern but other doctors commenting on this story thought the punishment should be a little harsher. According to the article, “In this day and age, how can something like this happen? We have sonograms readily available to confirm whether or not someone is pregnant.”

An ultrasound was preformed by a resident (not the doctors in question), however, but it showed no heartbeat and “Patient A” insisted that she needed to be induced for fear of her baby.

The two doctors in question never actually examined the patient before they approved the C-section.

This is where we need to practice intelligent medicine and take the time to examine a patient. Doctors and nurses are extremely busy – especially in a hospital setting, but one simple examination would have shown that the woman was not actually pregnant and a major surgery (C-section) would not have been preformed.

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