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Recent Healthcare Fraud Scams

We have discussed types of healthcare fraud (i.e. Rent-a-Patient Schemes, Pill Mill Schemes, Drop Box Schemes & Third-Party Billing Schemes) in a previous post. However we didn’t highlight some new ways scammers and fraudsters are stealing your healthcare dollars, mainly through the online world.

A recent ABC News article, “Health Care Fraud: Two Ways Scammers Are Trying to Take Your Money” describes two “ingenious” ways fraudsters are stealing your money. The article explains that because of all the healthcare hoopla occurring, people do not understand and are unaware of current policies – leaving what they call “anxious Americans.” This is how the scammers get you.

Health Insurance Scams

The first scam that was highlighted was “Door-to-door salesman selling bogus policies.” What does that entail? Scammers are going door-to-door selling fake health insurance policies by stating that current legislation is accounting for the low “limited enrollment” period fees. They are confusing people by essentially telling them that if they don’t buy the insurance now, the price will increase excrementally and they will not be able to afford it in time.

The next scam “1-800 advertisements promoting scams” is very similar to the door-to-door scam; however, this time the fraudster are taking it to the airwaves and asking people to call and 1-800 number for “limited enrollment specials made possible by new legislation.”

As always, don’t forget about Medical Identity Theft – this practice is increasing by 375%. The key to any insurance deal is if it is too good to be true than it probably is.

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