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Your Money Matters – Rebecca Busch with Tips for Getting Your Personal Healthcare Portfolio In Shape

On July 26, 2010 Medical Business Associates’ CEO Rebecca Busch was featured on Chicago’s own WGN Midday News with Steve Sanders. During the segment, Your Money Matters, Rebecca provided tips for getting your personal healthcare records portfolio in shape.

Rebecca’s appearance highlighted her latest book, Personal Healthcare Portfolio: Your Personal Health & Wellness Record. During the segment she offered viewers valuable time and money saving techniques when it comes to healthcare records and finances.

Tips for Your Personal Healthcare Records

Here are some tips she provided during the interview:

1. Get your records organized and separate medical from financial.

2. Learn the reimbursement lingo in healthcare — start asking your doctor “What CPT codes are you billing me for?” That is a procedure code — patients never see this. Did you know doctors charge in increments of 15/20/45/60 minutes procedure codes? This is why you have to ask what code they are charging.

3. Ask your doctor “What diagnosis code are they billing in MY name?”

4. Ask for itemized copies of your bills as you receive your care.

5. Make sure you collect your health records as you receive your care — or obtain them once per year (ask your provider what their policy is on retention of records).

6. If your insurance company provides you an EOB (explanation of benefits) without procedure codes — ask them annually to print a claim file with the information. This is the best way to avoid being a victim of medical identity theft.

7. Be vigilant — although we have a healthcare crisis there is lots of money floating around.

To view the entire interview please visit WGN’s site here.

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