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Healthcare Fraud Roundup

What are the fraudsters doing these days? Well, according to reports, NOT getting away with healthcare fraud. The government is in hot pursuit of those that are bilking the system.

Some recent arrests include:

A Michigan podiatrist was accused of filing more than $800,000 in fraudulent claims. The doctor billed insurance providers for surgical procedures performed after falsely diagnosing patients with foot infections.

A New York surgeon was charged with stealing $3.5 million from insurance companies. The Department of Health & Human Services also investigated his billing patterns and found he had allegedly billed for multiple hemorrhoidectomies, office visits and examinations on the same day for the same patient on multiple occasions.

A Chicago-area cardiologist was ordered to pay $20 million and sentenced to 5 years in prison for defrauding both private and public insurers. The whistle blower on the case was another physician who worked in the same office.

Two West Virginia internists were sentenced to one year and one day of prison time after admitting to their involvement in a pill mill scheme. The local pharmacy where the prescriptions were sent by the physicians sold more hydrocodone in 2006 than all but 21 retail pharmacies in the country.

A California pathologist was sentenced to 25 years in prison for prescription fraud. He wrote fraudulent prescriptions for oxycodone in exchange for cash. In some cases the prescriptions were for minors under the age of 21.

In Miami a massage clinic owner was convicted of Medicare fraud. The owner was charged with submitting false claims for physical therapy services that were never given and occupational therapy services that Medicare does not cover.

Healthcare fraud is prevalent, but we’re finding ways to stop the bad guys.

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