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The Price of Medical Errors

A recent report highlighted that more than 13 % of Medicare patients in the U.S. experience an adverse event each month in American hospitals – resulting in 15,000 deaths.

AOL Health’s recent article states, “The news is startling, particularly since the report points out that 44 % of adverse incidents occurring in hospitals are avoidable. And all-together, these adverse events are costing Medicare more than $300 million a month.”

Now what are some types of medical errors that have occurred?
1. A doctor operated on and amputated the wrong leg of a veteran.

2. An elderly woman received the wrong blood type during a blood transfusion.

3. A CT scan being performed on a pregnant woman who had a similar name to a patient who was having abdominal pain resulting in harm to the unborn baby.

Link to other, unforgivable medical errors.

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